Introducing, BADGERTHON!

badgieWhat happened to Wisconsin Dance Marathon? 

The name of the organization was misleading to the purpose which left a lot of people wondering what exactly Wisconsin Dance Marathon was all about.  The mission of BadgerThon is the same as the mission of Wisconsin Dance Marathon — just called something new!


Why did the name need to change?

The biggest reason for the name change is that you don’t need to know how to dance to join the cause!  There are tons of opportunities for all students and community members to get involved so without the “dance” component in the name, hopefully more people will be excited to find out what the organization is all about!

BadgerThon is a student organization at the University of Wisconsin Madison so having “Badger” in the title seems appropriate!  Additionally, while Dance Marathon is the biggest event of the year, it isn’t the only thing that the organization does.  The name BadgerThon is more inclusive of all the year-round activities.


Do you still put on a Dance Marathon?

Yes!  The BadgerThon Dance Marathon will be Friday, March 6 – Saturday, March 7 from 5pm-8am.  The marathon will take place in Varsity Hall at Union South for the first time.  Many more improvements will be made to the Dance Marathon so be sure to register today!


What other changes can we expect?

Aside from the name and logo change, BadgerThon has the same mission but with a lot of new components!  The A Cappella Showcase is a fundraiser for the American Family Children’s Hospital combining a night of great talent with an incredible cause.  Additionally, the BadgerThon Dance Marathon will have an entire new energy from professional club style DJs with a light show, to more patient and family involvement for students.  Tons of fresh ideas will definitely make it the most memorable event of the year!