Coins for the Kids is a fundraiser in the UW-Madison residence halls hosted by BadgerThon!

Coins for the Kids consists of a coin collection competition facing dormitories against dormitories or floor against floor in the same hall.  The winning group in each competition receives a free dinner (in addition to bragging rights)!

The first year for Coins for the Kids was in 2013, and the fundraiser expanded into 9 residence halls in 2014.  In fall 2015, Coins for the Kids was held in every UW-Madison residence hall resulting in the highest Coins for the Kids total yet! We are hopeful that the fundraiser will continue to grow in future years.

We are always looking for donor matches for the amount of money collected in each residence hall.  If you or someone you know may be interested in sponsoring BadgerThon in this way, please contact us at badgerthon@gmail.com2013 (1).