Feel free to contact us via email at badgerthon@gmail.com with additional questions!

What is Dance Marathon?
BadgerThon Dance Marathon is a celebration of all the money raised by UW-Madison students for the American Family Children’s Hospital. The marathon is 15 hours of high energy dance, movement and entertainment. You can expect to meet patients and families, see tons of live performances, win part of over $3,000 worth of prizes that will be given out and to have free access to a 15 hour agenda of exclusive activities at Union South.

Do I have to stand for  the whole 15 hours?
We encourage all participants to accept this challenge to the best of their ability. Standing for 15 hours is symbolic of the fight that the patients and families at AFCH go through every day.

Where do the funds raised go?
All donations go directly to American Family Children’s Hospital. The money is used to provide resources to the families and kids such as comfort kits, cribs, gas cards, and meals. A big portion of the funds goes to the Child Life Department, which helps kids be kids during their hospital stay and explains surgeries and procedures to the kids. We also sponsor family dinners, which are served in the lobby of AFCH and are free for the families who don’t want to leave their child in the hospital.  

Can I come to Dance Marathon if I am not a member of the student organization, BadgerThon?
Yes! The BadgerThon Dance Marathon is open to all UW students. Each participant is expected to raise $100 in order to stay for the full event. Register for the Dance Marathon on our website, www.badgerthon.org, and follow us on social media to keep up with the latest events, news, and ways to fundraise. All registered dancers are encouraged to invite their friends, co-workers, roommates, or organizations to make a team!

I have a disability or a medical condition, but I still want to come.  Can I participate in Dance Marathon?
Yes! We ask that each student challenges themselves to their own ability throughout the event to show our support for the patients and families at the American Family Children’s Hospital.

How do I fundraise for BadgerThon?
Take a look at our Fundraising Toolbox for some ideas and resources. If your team or organization would like a special fundraiser set up for them, email badgerthon@gmail.com and an executive board member will be happy to help out.

I raised money canning. How will my online total be updated?
The directors of BadgerThon are able to manually add offline donations and your total will be accurate within a week of your fundraising efforts. All checks or cash received in the mail or in person will be added through this method, as well. In other words, ALL donations received will be reflected online.

I’m interested in being more involved in BadgerThon. What are my options?
The lowest level of commitment is pledging to attend the BadgerThon Dance Marathon in April. This is just one event and all UW-Madison students are welcome to fundraise and attend.

You can be a part of the student organization BadgerThon by attending our General Body meetings, which you will be notified of via email. Follow the BadgerThon social media accounts for more information, or email badgerthon@gmail.com to get on our email list to receive regular updates about upcoming volunteer opportunities, fundraising opportunities, and events.

Lastly, Executive Board applications for the 2018-2019 academic year will be available in Spring 2018 for any student who wants to take on a leadership role in the organization. This is an incredibly rewarding and positive experience that will allow you to gain a closer relationship with people passionate about the same cause, additional networking opportunities at AFCH, and many leadership skills.